[texhax] Getting pdfLaTeX to use latest version of Acrobat

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Mon Nov 7 16:11:49 CET 2005

Peter Flom :

> Thank you for your reply.
> When I open the same file from Windows explorer, it opens it as an
> Adobe 7 document.
> If I look at it in explorer, it shows up as an Adobe 7 document, as
> well.
> So pdfLaTeX seems to be writing it as an Adobe 7 document, but opening
> the file with Adobe 5.....
> It's a minor annoyance, since I can, of course, open the files using
> Acrobat reader instead of the button in Protext.....but still an
> annoyance
> Thanks again
> Peter

again this has nothing to do with pdflatex

reconfigure your protext, no, reconfigure the editor that provides you 
with the 'view pdf' button to use the correct version of Acrobat Reader.

Some editors store the path to the binary, which most likely what happen 
in your case.

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