[texhax] a problem.......with text around pictures

Balakrsna von Wechmar, MD PhD von.wechmar at neuro-cardiology.org
Sat May 28 15:24:03 CEST 2005

To: All LaTeXers

Dear All:

I permit myself to write to you for help, because I need some small, but 
urgent help for a template of a manuscript, which needs to be presented 
to the Printing Company.

I bought your book, The LaTex Companion, 2nd ed, and consulted therein.
But I did not  really delve sufficiently deep.

I just wanted to ask some of  you, whether you had the time to look into 
those lines, which cause havoc.

After lengthy arguments he Printers agreed for me to send them the 
article as a template in pdf form, although they insisted on InDesign 
(from Adobe), which is neither available for Linux nor do I want to buy 
a licence to layout an entire journal.

My experiences with LaTex date to some time; I wrote my PhD in QFT with 
LaTex and some years later my "habilitation thesis", which unfortunately 
was not accepted at the ETHZ....I did medicine after.
Unfortunately, the University Hospital's IT services are completely 
running on Bill Gates' mess. So I am on my own, whenever there is a problem.

I use latex for all daily and larger stuff, but I always had problems 
when I had to incorporate graphics.

So, enough chatter

Problems are as follows:

1. At figures 4  (line 174)  and 5 (line 195),  some of the text just 
flow at the right side of the column instaed of placing itself below the 
pictures. I tried again and again, but I just cannot get it right.

2. Even at 2 and 3 I had to use a silly trick.

3. How can I tell LaTex NOT to use a new page after the introduction, 
but to immediately
place the Introduction below the ABSTRACT text ?

4. How can I tell LaTex to put the Title and the addresses plus the TOC 
and Abstract onto ONE single line, as done in a journal ?

5. What whould I have to do to take the TOC out, because this article 
will in reality be somewhere at pages 120-131 in the journal of 230 
pages in our case.

6. Can I find a good text how to get colours properly, because when I do 
a dvips and look at the output, those colours just resemble the original 
colours from the tiff or jpg, which is not acceptable for the Printing 
Company ?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

    O. von Wechmar

\enclosures{Osteoclast.Apoptosis.May.28.tex  (emacs file), fig 1,2,3,4,5 

O.von Wechmar, MD PhD, PhD
Medical Yoga Research Foundation & Dept. of Cardiology, University 
Hospital Zurich
Tobelhofstr. 227
CH-8044 Zurich
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