[texhax] Invisible in TOC, visible in page headers - how?

Matthias F. Jütte mfjuette at web.de
Fri May 27 17:14:06 CEST 2005

 	Try the fancyhdr package.

I am using the package. The problem apparently is the use of the
\section-command. As I am "hiding" it by using \section* it is not part of
what the TOC and fancyhdr obviously use as the list of entries to consider
when creating their respective outputs. As I said, I am only using \section*
to get the same format for my heading ("Abbreviations") as is used for the
TOC and the list of figures.

Is there a way to create an entry of some sort that is not used by
\tableofcontents but by fancyhdr only?



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