[texhax] what am I doing wrong?

Zbigniew Nitecki zbigniew.nitecki at tufts.edu
Fri May 27 16:19:37 CEST 2005

I'm trying to create an automated way of entering parts of an  
exercise (which is an item at the first level in an enumeration) so  
that they are listed horizontally, not as separate paragraphs, but  
are numbered automatically (and the numbers are printed as lowercase  
letters, as in the second level of an enumeration).  I've had trouble  
with Kletzing's "multienumerate" package, so am trying to create one  
on my own using the tabular environment.  I'm something of a dummy as  
to the intricacies of some of these commands, but here are three files:
     testcode.tex has the definitions I propose to use;
     testtext.tex has some test text to test the code
     CalcTest.log shows the log of the session when I tried to compile.
(CalcTest.tex is my master code (project root in TeXShop), which sets  
up a \documentstyle{book} and various preamble stuff you don't need  
to know, I think.)

I'm sure my error is quite obvious, but not to me.  Can anyone  
explain it?

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