[texhax] Invisible in TOC, visible in page headers - how?

Matthias F. Jütte mfjuette at web.de
Fri May 27 15:39:13 CEST 2005

Hi all!

I have a directory of abbreviations (DOA) which I implemented as follows: 



Now I'm running into problems with the page headers, as "Table of contents",
the part in the document defined directly before the DOA-section, is put in
the page header on the page of the DOA. It all makes perfect sense, but I
still need a workaround to display  "Abbreviations" in the page header.

I used the section command to have the heading look exactly like those of
the TOC and list of tables. Ho can I keep this format and have the correct
heading displayed in the page header?

Last question for today ;-)

Have a nice weekend and TIA


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