[texhax] Tex to Latex2e article margin/indent question

David Schwartz davids at frys.com
Thu May 26 00:56:35 CEST 2005

I hope I am directing this to the correct area or it is a trivial enough
question whoever gets this can just quickly give me the answer.


I have written my first Latex2e article and am generally very happy with it;
however, it appears the full body of the article except maybe the title page
is indented on both the right and left side or has reduced margins verse the
header and footer and is different that what I set \textwidth to be.  In
other words, I have a \textwidth that is 6.5truein and it appears my
headline and footline are that length but the basic text width of the body
of the article is about 1.5truein less than that.


How do I get the ride of the indenting/reduction of text length?  I have
tried playing with \marginparwidth and looked through my TeX and LateX books
but can't seem to find what length(s) to adjust.


Thank you very much,



David Schwartz


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