[texhax] subfigures

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Sat May 14 18:45:27 CEST 2005

M.N.A.Smadi :

> hi;
> I have 4 figures that i want to label as x.a and x.b and y.a and y.b   (where 
> x and y are the numbers that tex assigns). I think that is called subfigures, 
> How can i do that?
> Also, how can i force tex to show x.a and x.b on the same page without anyt 
> other contents in the page?
> thanks
> m.smadi

use the subfig package, it's the new version of subfigure but not 
backwards compatible (hence the name change)

then use

\begin{figure}[p] % to have a float on a float page
\centering % better than center
\subfig[caption text\label{xa}]{figure}
\subfig[another caption\label{xb}]{figure}
\caption{overall caption}



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