[texhax] documentation for teTeX

Dan Stroock dws at math.mit.edu
Fri May 6 14:57:09 CEST 2005

I am a member of TUG and, for several years, I have been using texlive to 
install tex on my linux machines.  Althogh the structure of TeX directory 
has evolved, I find no documentation on the disk which tells me what 
implications these changes have and how I accomodate my existing system to 
them.  For example, when is one supposed to use mktexdir?  In addition, 
although the texlive documentation says how to install individual 
packages, I have never found where it says what the packages are and what 
they contain.  Is such documentation available?  If not, I think that its 
production would be a good way on which to spend some of the annual dues.

                                         D. Stroock

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