[texhax] Page problems

Justin Walker justin at mac.com
Mon Jan 31 00:28:59 CET 2005

On Jan 30, 2005, at 14:17, Chris Rowley wrote:

>> \documentclass{article}
> Since the article class is intended for multi-page documents with
> titles etc, it has special set-up for the first page.
> It would be better to use a more appropriate document class for
> producing single pages.  I am sure the FAQ will tell you whch class is
> best for your purposes.

Thanks for the tip; I had not considered changing the documentclass.  
However, it didn't seem to change anything.  I tried article, book, 
report, and memoir, without getting rid of the blank page.  The FAQ 
does not (at least for the questions I asked) provide guidance on the 
choice of document class.

So far, enclosing the tabular environment in the table environment 
seems to be the most effective (independent of the doc class).  The 
'nopageno' class is the most effective for getting rid of page numbers.



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