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Anand Sengupta anandss at iucaa.ernet.in
Sat Jan 29 18:10:48 CET 2005


I apologize if my question sounds too amateurish for the experts in this 
mailing list.

I would like to use nice fonts for my thesis - currently I am using a 
template thesis that has lines like
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics}}
where the helvetica font has been used. I am guessing that phv stands 
for helvetica in LaTeX-ese, bc is for bold and n is normal (i.e not 
italics). I hope I am right.

Where can I find the code names for other fonts (AvantGarde for 
example). Can someone please send me an example (like the above) of 
using other fonts in LaTeX ?

Finally, much as I admire the mathematical equations produced by LaTeX, 
why is it so hard and vexing to use fonts in LaTeX ? Why can't there be 
a simple human understandable way of doing it ?

Many thanks for your help,

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