[texhax] Boxes and indents

Stefan Björk stefan at raggmunk.nu
Fri Jan 28 10:10:20 CET 2005

> The problem is that \vbox has width \textwidth and then the space and rule
> thickness of \fbox havw no space left to live in.  The following is now also
> a little more kosher than before.

Thanks again. I found a solution similar to your on my own (sometimes 
you should just think a little on your own before posting to the list; I 
was too quick yesterday), but your proposal is - of course - much more 
elegant in many ways.

However, I finally came up with the following solution that seem to work 
well. The variant, \textbox*, does not add any space before the box, 
which is useful just after a heading (I guess there could be a way to 
automatically detect this).


/Stefan (still learning)

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