[texhax] Boxes and indents

Stefan Björk stefan at raggmunk.nu
Thu Jan 27 18:25:51 CET 2005

I'd like to create a framed box right after a section header. The box 
should use the entire column width (like \vbox do). The paragraph after 
the box should have no indent, just like after a \section command. The 
basic idea so far is something like:


   \section{A new section}

   \infobox{A short description\\forced on two lines.}

   This is the section text...

The problems so far is (1) text inside \vbox is first-line-indented, (2) 
the section text after the \infobox is also indented, and I would prefer 
not to force this with \noindent.

For the moment, I have no clues and wonder if anyone could give me any 


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