[texhax] monospace font + indents + raggedright

Corry Louise Lee corrylee at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Jan 23 21:19:13 CET 2005


I have a LaTex question and was hoping you might be able to help!

I wrote a novel in LaTex and the manuscript format for publication needs
to have a monospaced font (like Courier), paragraph indents, and a ragged
right edge.  I find that when I use {\tt Document Text} to get the Courier
font, I end up with lots of overfull hboxes; LaTex does not end the lines
soon enough with long words (it seems like it thinks it has a
non-monospaced font, and determines where the line breaks should be by
those rules).  This problem is corrected by using \raggedright in my
preamble (and I want a ragged right edge, so this is a step in the right
direction), but \raggedright destroyes LaTex's natural indentation of

Do you know of any way to use a monospace font and get a ragged right
edge as well as indentation (without going through and putting \indent in
front of every paragraph?).

Thanks in advance :)

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