[texhax] clas brief

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Jan 20 19:41:41 CET 2005

Not sharing Karl's view on the importance of "libreness",
I think it's worth drawing people's attention to the
following, which discusses the Acrobat suite in terms
of accessibility :


** Phil.
Karl Berry wrote:
>     well does Adobe Reader work in Linux? 
> Regardless of how well Adobe Reader works in [GNU/]Linux (I don't know
> the answer myself), it cannot be incorporated into TeX Live and other
> free distributions:
> (1) Adobe places onerous restrictions on redistribution which make it
> impractical to include.
> (2) Even if we accepted its not being libre software.
> So from the free distributions' point of view, a solution cannot require
> Acrobat.
> HTML sounds much more plausible to me for accessibility.
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