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Call for papers for BachoTeX 2005 ...

                           The 13th GUST Conference and Annual Meeting 
                                 BachoTeX 2005
                        April 30th -- May 3rd, 2005, Bachotek (Poland) 

The 13th Conference and Annual Meeting of GUST, the Polish TeX Users Group, 
will traditionally be held in Bachotek, Brodnica Lake District, April 30--May 
3, 2005. 

As usual, TeX users from around the world are invited to join.

This year conference aims to become a reminder that the strength and 
longevity of TeX stems from its high quality.  The said quality should be 
mirrored in the traditional and electronic publications made with TeX, hence 
the title of the conference:

                                The Art of TeX Programming 

In the main thread of the conference should thus be artful techniques leading 
to the utmost exploitation of TeX's and accompanying software's high quality. 

The idea is to create a forum for exchanging experience gained from creating 
high quality publications as well as providing opportunities for new users of 
TeX to find out how such quality might be achieved.

The TeX community not only should maintain what was achieved with and around 
TeX until now but also think about future developments. We hope that thinking 
in this direction will not be missed at our conference.

We will also be gladly accepting presentations related to various aspects of 
TeX and Friends, particularly to:

 - standards relating to electronic publications,
 - PostScript, PDF, SGML, HTML, XML, MathML---tools and applications,
 - multilingual publications, 
 - multimedia presentations,
 - computer based typography (fonts),
 - document management,
 - textual databases,
 - tools (editors, drivers, and similar),
 - macros and formats.

We hope for presentations of successful---innovative and non-obvious---
implementations based on the strengths of TeX.

Papers, short presentations, tutorials and workshops of those who want to 
share their achievements and experiences e.g., show new fonts, macro 
collections, tools or applications will comprise the conference programme.  
As usually, conference proceedings will be handed out to participants.

Workshops are planned for May 2nd (pm) and May 3rd (am). Details will be 
published at the conference website.

Paper submissions (abstracts only), proposals for tutorials and remarks 
relating to the program of the meeting should be e-mailed to the Program 
Committee: bachotex at gust.org.pl by January 22nd, 2005.  

The full versions of the contributions to be published in the conference 
proceedings are due on April 5th, 2005.

The Web page of the conference: 

Additional information: 
Jolanta Szelatynska 
e-mail: secretary at gust.org.pl

Jerzy B. Ludwichowski
GUST -- The Polish TeX Users Group
Plac Rapackiego 1
PL-87-100 Torun, Poland
+48 56 6112742
+48 56 6221850 fax

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