[texhax] LaTeX Help (OS windows, latex with winedt)

Sébastien ROQUES sebastien.roques at ec-nantes.fr
Fri Feb 25 10:14:34 CET 2005


I am writing a LaTeX guide using several fonts. But I have a problem...

Indeed I was trying to use Palatino fonts with narrow capitals 
(Helvetica Narrow), espacially phvbo8rn but I got this error message 
when I TeXiFyed:

Making PK font:
C:\Latex\texmf\miktex\bin\makepk.exe --verbose phvbo8rn 657 600 
magstep(0.5) ljfour
Trying to make PK font "phvbo8rn" (at 657 DPI)...
"makemf" --verbose "phvbo8rn"
"ttf2pk" -q -t "phvbo8rn"
Creating "phvbo8rn.pk"...
"gsf2pk" "phvbo8rn" "NimbusSanL-BoldCondItal-Narrow-BoldOblique" 
"TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" "8r.enc" "uhvbo8ac.pfb" "657" "phvbo8rn.pk"
Reading TFM file "C:\Latex\texmf\fonts\tfm\adobe\helvetic\phvbo8rn.tfm"...
Starting Ghostscript:
C:\Latex\texmf\miktex\bin\mgs.exe -dNODISPLAY -dNOGC 
-sSUBSTFONT="NimbusSanL-BoldCondItal-Narrow-BoldOblique" -q -- 
"(C:/Latex/texmf/fonts/type1/urw/urwstd/uhvbo8ac.pfb) brun 
(C:/Latex/texmf/fonts/enc/dvips/fontname/8r.enc ) run" "TeXBase1Encoding 
ReEncodeFont" "657"
Writing Pk file "phvbo8rn.pk"...
Error: Premature end of file.
Ghostscript transcript follows:

render.ps: font NimbusSanL-BoldCondItal-Narrow-BoldOblique is not defined.

MiKTeX GPL Ghostscript 8.15: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1

"ps2pk" -v  -X657  -e 8r.enc uhvbo8ac.pfb phvbo8rn.pk
makepk: gsf2pk failed on "uhvbo8ac.pfb".
AFM file <uhvbo8ac.afm> not found
makepk: ps2pk failed on "uhvbo8ac.pfb".

Loading 'cmr10' instead.

I don't know what to do... In fact I declare before \begin{document} :



and then, in the document I try to use palatino fonts :

\subsection{Fonte Palatino : le package \texttt{palatino}}



Il choisit de l'Helvetica pour le sans-serif. Cependant cette
fonte à la bon goût d'exister dans un nombre impressionnant de
variantes : c'est disponible en \textsf{\textsl{penché}} (pas
d'italique), en \textsf{\textsc{PETITES CAPITALES}}, en
\textmc{\textsf{condensé}}, en \textmc{\textsl{\textsf{condensé
penché}}}, en \textsc{\textmc{\textsf{PETITES CAPITALES
CONDENSÉES}}}, en \textsf{\textbf{gras}}, en
\textsf{\textbf{\textsf{\textsl{gras penché}}}}, en
\textsf{\textsc{\textbf{PETITES CAPITALES GRASSES}}}, en\\
\textbc{\textsf{gras condensé}}, en \textsl{\textbc{\textsf{penché
gras condensé}}}, et en \textsc{\textbc{\textsf{PETITES CAPITALES

% retour à la normale

What's wrong?

Could you help me?

I would like to use the following package "eurofont", "europs", 
"eurosym" and "eurosans" but I don't manage to see the euro symbole
of each package... any ideas?




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