[texhax] Re: texhax Digest, Vol 2005, Issue 44

Chris Bourke cbourke at cse.unl.edu
Thu Feb 17 16:25:47 CET 2005

> From: Stefan Bj?rk <stefan at raggmunk.nu>
> Subject: Re: [texhax] Re: landscape in beamer/seminar class
> > Well beamer is just wonderful: a basic seminar can be written using one of
> > the examples as a template and have you "up and running in next to no time".
> Speaking of beamer - is it in any way possible to break beamers 128x96
> mm page and use true A4 pages, or is the expand-small-pages-option in
> Acrobat Reader the only solution.
> Stefan

Yes it is possible:


This will set the output PDF to a "widescreen" aspect ratio.  If you
change the 16 and 9 to whatever you like you can get what you want.
Otherwise, as Phillip suggested, you can use pdfnup (a script that uses
psnup and is not a part of any latex distro AFAIK) to transform it anyway
you like.

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