[texhax] Disable formula break across lines?

Joseph Turian turian at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 05:58:03 CET 2005


[NB I posted this in comp.text.tex, but I realized this may be a more
appropriate forum for the question.]

I have a formula like this: $a - b$ in running text.

I don't want this formula to be broken across lines, i.e. $a -
b$, when it is rendered.

If I use $a~-~b$, this increases the amount of whitespace to an
aesthetically unappealing extent.

So it seems like I have two options, but I am not sure which is better.
  1. $a-b$.
     But does this disable breaking the formula across lines?

  2. \mbox{$a - b$}.
     But does this increase the amount of whitespace around the formula?




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