[texhax] multicols package?

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Sat Feb 12 01:41:50 CET 2005

Found it already on my system.  Thanks everyone.  I was looking for 
multicol package in MikTex package manager.  I was unaware that 
multicol.sty is actually a component of another package called tools.

--Chris Ryan

Lars Madsen wrote:
> Christopher W. Ryan :
>> I want to have two columns on just part of my page, and one column 
>> elsewhere on the same page.  From what I read, multicols can do this. 
>> But on CTAN, I can only find the documentation files (dtx) for 
>> multicols.  Where can I find the actual package, with the necessary 
>> .sty files?
>> Running MikTex on Win98.
>> Thanks.
> if it's not already on your system update your MikTeX, it also has a 
> pacakge manager.
> otherwise: download the .dtx *and* the .ins fil
> compile the .ins file using latex this creates the .sty file
> compiling the .dtx file using pdflatex or latex gives you the 
> documentation.

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