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Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Wed Feb 9 17:36:30 CET 2005

> Thanks for the advice, although it's not quite what I was after.
> Perhaps what I want to do is not possible.

Oh come now, let's not be so pessimistic!

> In Windows, I have a directory called C:\DATA.  Inside here I usually
> try to put all user-created data.  This includes bib files. With this
> file structure, I can back up all my data easily by backing up that one
> directory. Putting one giant .bib file, or separate topical bib files,
> in localtexmf would make it not as easy.

There are many (free) backup utilities that allow SIMPLE mltiple directory

> Within C:\DATA, I have separate topical directories for each project:
> C:\DATA\projectA, C:\DATA\projectB.  [Sorry if I'm boring everyone.]  In
> each of those I have referencesA.bib, referencesB.bib, respectively.

Question: why many separate bib files?
I personally have one (with now over 5k entries).

> Each project may entail several subprojects (usually manuscripts) and
> their associated files, which I like to keep sorted into directories,
> like this:  C:\DATA\projectA\journalX,  C:\DATA\projectA\journalY.
> I want to keep the bib file for project A in \projectA, but be able to
> use it for .tex files in each of the subdirectories.
> I thought it might work if I could write something like
> \bibliography{C:\DATA\projectA\refencesA}, with the right combination of
> single quotes, double quotes, spaces, backslashes, and slashes.  But I
> haven't gotten it right yet.

Use forward slashes:


> Can anyone explain how to set BIBINPUTS environment variable in Win98?

Win98 is a long time ago for me, but don't you just need a line in your

set BIBINPUTS=c:\DATA\projectA\refencesA (or some such)

or equally at the beginning of the batch file you use to launch BibTeX.

> I'll give the Windows shortcut method a try.

Doesn't look that simple to me ...

Or (I don't give up that easily!) you could do something still rather simple
like this:

set up your localtxmf under c:\DATA, that way it gets backed up (indeed, so
do all of your prized personal additions).

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