[texhax] Img quality in pdf

tomlobato tomlobato at ig.com.br
Fri Feb 4 21:48:13 CET 2005

On Fri, 4 Feb 2005 13:04:23 -0500, "William F. Adams" <wadams at atlis.com> 
> On Feb 4, 2005, at 12:36 PM, tomlobato wrote: 
> > in Gimp, I cannot see dpi conf when creating a new image, but I can 
> > set resolution, and the default is 72x72. How to obtain 300 dpi? 
> > Just setting 
> > 300x300 in resolution? Well, as you can see, I need some more 
> > theory, where 
> > do I find a good doc for learn this? 

Do you know some good doc for me? 

> The best option then is to redraw it in a print-oriented vector 
> graphics program such as Cenon, Skencil, InkScape or Sodipodi (the 
> free options), Macromedia Freehand, or Adobe Illustrator for 
> commercial programs. 

Gimp can save to EPS file. Does it help me to need'nt use another program? 


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