[texhax] Request Some feed back on TeX

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Feb 4 14:39:56 CET 2005

    > I have sufficient knowledge of TrueType and OpenType font development 

Adding opentype/truetype support to TeX (really Omega, most likely) is a
major project, but it would benefit many, many people.

The most active group in this regard that I know of is Yannis
Haralambous' at ENST Bretagne.  His student Gabor Bella (among others)
is working on it.  As William mentioned, several TUGboat papers have
been published on this recently, more to come.  You might like to write
Yannis/Gabor to discuss things.  (Feel free to write me, too, if you'd
like more details.)

If/When your work comes to fruition, I hope will be made available under
the GPL or some other free software license, so that it can be
incorporated into TeX Live, teTeX, MiKTeX, etc.

Best regards,

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