[texhax] Problem/possible bug in LaTex document

Konstantin Karapetyan texnic at photonica.ru
Fri Feb 4 09:20:49 CET 2005

Just wanted to add a couple of words to Morten's reply for clarity.
12 is actually 1 and 2, and these are numbers of footnotes, since
\thanks produces a footnote. Placed standalone, \thanks produces a
strangely looking standalone footnote, and then maketitle begins a new


> I am writing because I am having difficulty with a LaTex document
> and can’t seem to find anyone who’s encountered the same problem.
> Before compiling the document, everything looks OK in the code, but
> when the document is compiled, a number “12” appears on the first
> page. Could you possibly take a look at the document and offer any
> advice?
> Thanks,
> Courtney Umberger

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