[texhax] Using pages from a PDF document as graphics

Stefan Björk stefan at raggmunk.nu
Wed Feb 2 10:37:57 CET 2005

I have a PDF document with powerpoint slides. Some of the pages, I'd 
like to use as figures in my LaTeX document. I have some answers to some 
of my questions from the FAQ, but I still need guidance.

1. Which is the best source format for figures of this kind? The 
print-to-file alternative in Acrobat ends up in a PostScript file. Is 
this a valid EPS file? I can convert it back to PDF with ps2pdf, which 
saves disk space (disk space is an issue here).

2. How to crop a picture? A PDF can be cropped with pdfcrop, but this 
ends up in a PDF version 1.4 (using pdfTeX 1.20a/MikTeX 2.4), which ebb 
complains about when I try to get the bounding box. How do I crop a EPS 
file and get its bounding box?

3. How to include a PDF so that it works in a DVI file, that is, without 
using pdfTeX? I also use pstricks, which means trouble when I use 
pdfLaTeX (yes, this can be solved too, but I still want to be able to 
create DVI files and use xpdf/yap/whatever).


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