[texhax] TeX capacity exceeded

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Dec 23 00:20:48 CET 2005

    Hyphenation patterns for Norwegian
    ! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [pattern 

Although it is true that you can enlarge TeX, and Martin pointed to the
faq for that, it does not sound like you actually need all the
hyphenation patterns in the world.  Indeed, it sounds rather like a bug
in the distributor's TeX setup that there is not enough memory for the
the hyphenation patterns enabled by default.  So you might complain to
wherever you got this Linux (I'm guessing it's Linux from the path) from.

Anyway, there should be a file named language.dat somewhere in your
tree.  (Try running kpsewhich language.dat.)  If you edit that file to
remove everything except the languages you actually want (US English, I
would guess), I trust the format will build ok.

Best wishes,

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