[texhax] target page number of label

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Dec 21 21:36:16 CET 2005

Tom Schneider wrote:


> This link requires a password!!

Not for me, and I'm not a member of dante e.V.


> Funny, you used an inline approach yourself!

On this occasion, yes, because I felt it best suited
the format of the message to which I was replying,
but I have on many occasions "top posted" or "bottom
posted", on each occasion choosing where I place my
comments by consideration of the material to
which I am replying.  I do make considerable use
of "[snip]" and ellipses, so as to keep the cited
material to a minimum.

Do you not think, Dr Schneider, that Dr Jonathan
Smith had top-posting very much in mind when he
wrote of the little-endian/big-endian war between
the Blefuscudians and the Lilliputians ?

** Phil.

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