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kyanh kyanh at o2.pl
Tue Dec 20 04:10:13 CET 2005

I resent the message as the problem is quite curious!

I am sorry about my English!

Best regards!

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Subject: [texhax] ntheorem and hyperref
Date: Thursday 08 December 2005 09:23
From: kyanh <kyanh at o2.pl>
To: texhax at tug.org

Hi all,

I tested ntheorem package with hyperref package, like this:




\section{This is a test}
this is only a test

See \thref{thmtest}. % should return `See Theorem 1'

The purpose of `thref' option (ntheorem) is to procedure:
 `See Theorem 1'

Drop using `hyperref' package and `hyperref' option works.
But within the `hyperref'  package (like above), the result is incorrectly:
 `See 1This is a testTheorem1.'

Reading the code I see that the `\newlabel', `\label' of `hyperref' package
was used instead the ones provided by `ntheorem' package.
(`ntheorem' designs `\label' to read the optional argument like this:
Using `hyperref' package, the optional part `[category]' will be ingore)

Is there anyone who  experiences this problem?

Are there any alternatives?

Thank you very much for reading and replies.

Best regards,


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