[texhax] recovering source from dvi?

element rayden baltazor69 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 30 19:55:50 CEST 2005

I do not know if you are the correct source to turn
to, but i have a little problem with my TeX and i
would be greatfull for any information possible. I was
compelled to format my HDD and consequently lost a lot
of my TeX files. Fortunately the only ones i have left
are some DVI files of my LaTeX documents. I do not
know how to get from these DVI files the TeX code in
order to continue  
writing my documents . I hope i was clear about what
my problem is : for example I was writing a book and i
was happy as i had succesfully written the first 200  
pages and from all the files that LaTeX is producing 
during compilation all i have left is the DVI file. My
problem is that i have lost the source code and i want
to get it back in order to continue my TeXing...

 Thank you in advance for your time, and any
information would be really helpfull.

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