[texhax] HELP: LaTeX class programming woes :S

Kevin kevingpo at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 29 21:27:26 CEST 2005

I need help in changing a Latex cls class file. My previous University 
provided students with their own thesis LaTeX template/class file. I am 
trying to use it again in my current University. However there are some 
differences in how they prefer layout.

 - abstract should go on a separate (2nd) page (opposed to being on the 
front page)
 - no blank page/areas between chapters & use all spaces up
 - fill up the areas left by figures (lots of single figures alone on page 

To make things worst, I got the (coloured) front sheet cover (cut out window 
hole so people can see the title). Somehow the window is smaller 
(vertically). The title doesn't fit.

The original window sizes where:

8.4cm from top, 7cm window height, 14.3cm to bottom. (29.7cm total)
5cm from left, 11cm window width, 5cm to right.

I need this changed to:

9.8cm from top, 6cm window height, 13.9cm to bottom. (29.7cm total)
4.3cm from left, 11.2cm window width, 5.5cm to right.

The cs4rep.cls, skeleton.tex files can be downloaded from:

If anyone knows how the class files work then I would be very grateful for 
your help.

My thesis deadline is this Friday!

PS: I also need the abstract on the second page. And no white spaces or gaps 
between chapters or figures. 

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