[texhax] two questions

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Mon Aug 22 20:05:01 CEST 2005

Zbigniew Nitecki :

> These are minor, but perhaps someone can explain them to me:
> 1. I have a large set of macros which I use in most of my work, and which I 
> am therefore trying to set up as a style file, basicmacros.sty.  One of the 
> first things there is a set of newtheorem declarations (theorem, proposition, 
> lemma, etc).  My problem is that sometimes (when used in a book or large 
> paper) I want all of them to be numbered using the section number, which I 
> can do by making the first \newtheorem declaration (which is for theorem) end 
> with [section], and all the others (because I want them all numbered in one 
> sequence) have a "number as theorem" declaration---but other times (in a 
> short paper) I don't want the section number to appear.
> Is there a way for me to either set a parameter in the style file which I can 
> use to set which option I use (maybe using the ifelsethen package), or for me 
> to override the version in the style file.
> I don't see how to do this with a \renewcommand declaration, but is there a 
> way to accomplish this?

make options for your package, see clsguide.pdf (should already be on your 

You could use is to se a boolean and then depending on whether it's true 
or false create the theorems with section or chapter.

I think you could even use




BUt that's untested. Read the clsguide file.

> 2. I am puzzled by an error in my bibtex usage.  Among the declarations at 
> the beginning of my .bib file, I have
>    @string{enseign= "L{'}Enseignment Math{\'{e}}matique''}
> because I don't want to have to retype this every time I need it in a 
> reference.  However, I get an "unbalanced braces" error when I do so.  When I 
> copy the same thing (without the enclosing double quotes) in the journal 
> field of an article entry, I get no error.  What is going on?

Is it because " is not used in both places?
Shouldn't be

@string{enseign= "L{'}Enseignment Math{\'{e}}matique"}




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