[texhax] pdf named destinations

Florian Knorn floz at gmx.de
Thu Aug 11 19:26:48 CEST 2005

hey guys !

a general question: how can i create so-called "named destinations" in a
pdf document without loading hyperref ?

my wish reformulated: i would like to create an anchor inside a pdf
document (which has be created going latex => ps => pdf OR latex => pdf)
the exact same way \hyperdef from the hyperref package does. now, i had
a look inside the hyperref package, but the code in there was way to
complicated for me to understand...

so could anybody plz send me a piece of (la)tex code which has no
special prerequisites (like loading the hyperref package ;-)), which i
only need to execute ?

for example a command


doing the same job



your help is much appreciated ! thanks !!


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