[texhax] .bib "challenge" (AKA problem..!)

Spank tuche at tin.it
Mon Aug 8 20:49:55 CEST 2005

Enlightened TeX gurus,

I am writing an article, and have a specific bibliographystyle quite close 
to the formatting required. Now here is the problem: in the "journal" field 
of the .bib file I have the full name of the journal for each entry (say, 
"Proceedings of the national academy of sciences"), yet the journal's 
bibliography requires abbreviations to be used (in the example it would be 
"Proc. Nat. Ac.").

To avoid having to re-write the fields of each entry every time I write for 
a journal that uses abbreviations or not, is there a way to create some 
"association list" (intuitively something containing two columns: one with 
the full name - i.e. the target string - and one with the abbreviated name - 
i.e. the string that replaces the target string - ) and  some command that 
may look up into the list and apply the changes (i.e. put abbreviations 
instead of full name) at compiling?

Hope this is clear enough..!

 Thanks for any help, cheers



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