[texhax] [ANN] PracTeX Journal 2005 No. 2

Tristan Miller psychonaut at nothingisreal.com
Fri Apr 29 19:47:57 CEST 2005


The second issue of _The PracTeX Journal_, a new online journal from
TUG, is now available to all at <http://tug.org/pracjourn/>.  A table
of contents for this issue follows this message.

This journal is dedicated to the exchange of practical experience and
instruction of the use of TeX and related systems.  It is produced
entirely by volunteers, and we welcome more participants; if you'd like
to get involved, there are various possibilities suggested on the
journal web pages.


The PracTeX Journal -- 2005, Number 2

    From the Editor
       Lance Carnes 
       From Readers 
    News from Around
       Christina Thiele 
    Invitation to PracTeX'05
       Steve Grathwohl 

    A LaTeX Fledgling Struggles to Take Flight
       Peter L. Flom 
    So, you are running MAC OS X and want to try LaTeX
       A. Schremmer 
    Square cells: an array cooking lesson
       Will Robertson 
    Integrating TrueType Fonts into ConTeXt
       Thomas A. Schmitz 
    OpenType installation basics for ConTeXt
       Adam T. Lindsay 
    Creating Online Tests with eqExam
       D.P. Story 
    Producing beautiful slides with LaTeX:
    An introduction to the HA-prosper package
       Tristan Miller 
    What does XML give the LaTeX user?
       Peter Flynn 
    Producing a TeX/LaTeX Online Survey with the eqExam Package
       D.P. Story 

    \begin{here} % getting started:
    A LaTeX Survivor's Guide
       Tim Null 
    \starttext % Practical ConTeXt:
    ConTeXt Text Editors
       Steve Peter 
    Travels in TeX Land: Choosing a TeX Environment for Windows
       David Walden 
    Ask Nelly:
    What do I do with the 2 CDs and 1 DVD from TUG?;
    How can I condense math matrices?;
    Can you explain the different TeX font formats?;
    How can I make PowerPoint slides with LaTeX?
       The Editors 
    In my opinion: TeX's Interface Challenges
       Arthur Ogawa

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