[texhax] Problems Compiling

Steve West west at geneseo.edu
Fri Apr 29 13:50:37 CEST 2005

>Dear Friends: I own a three year old copy of Y&Y TeX  and yesterday I sent 
>an e-mail to WinEdt Team Support, they suggested that I contact 
>you.  Below is the brief description of the proble that I sent.  Can you 
>help?  SW

>I am having difficulty opening and older TeX file.  The software worked on 
>my older computer, but when we upgraded to a new Dell with Windows NT, the 
>problems began.   I get a error indicating that LaTex 209 is missing.  Our 
>Tech person was able to open the file in Latex209 compatibility mode, but 
>nothing works.
>We have tried to reinstall the software, which seems to work accept we 
>have an error message indicating that the installation was unable to open 
>a zip file.  Any ideas.    SW

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