[texhax] MikTeX

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Apr 15 21:57:53 CEST 2005

Michael Barr :

> I have a brand new computer and am about to install TeX on it.  I put the
> MikTeX CD (from TUG) in and am reading the instructions.  It seems to
> imply that WinEdt or one other editor is required to run MikTeX.  I have
> no intention of installing a version of TeX that does not permit to work
> in my usual way, using my usual editor.
> Let me describe that way.  First, although it is a windows machine, I work
> always from the command line.  When I load my editor, I type t filename
> unless it is the same file I worked on previously, in which case t alone
> suffices.  Then I am ready to tex it, I type, from the command line l or p
> (the latter in the rare case that for some reason I am using plain) and
> after that, v which loads the viewer.  Meantime, the filename is stored in
> an environment variable from which all these batch files get their input
> file names.
> What version of TeX should I be installing?  Should I go back to the 2003
> version that I have on my old machine?
> I would appreciate replies directly to me as I get only the digest,
> usually once a day.
> Michael Barr

It does not imply that you _need_ to use that editor. It's just a nice 
thing for newbees (which you're not, I'm sure). The proTeXt (the TUG CD, 
based uppon MiKTeX) simply sets up an editor, a thing newbees might have a 
bit of problems with.

No _real_ TeX system is tied to a specific editor.

Just don't install the editor, and you'll have no problems.



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