[texhax] rotating and supertabular problem

Eduardo Klein eklein at usb.ve
Fri Apr 15 18:21:24 CEST 2005


I'm trying to make a long table (4 pages) in a landscape mode. I used 
rotating and supertabular packages. In the output shown in Adobe 
Acrobat, only one page of the table appears (the second, rotated) and 
the margins are messed up. It handle the float and the following text 
ok. I've also tried the package lscape instead of rotating and the 
table  output is correct but it can not handle the table float and it 
mess up the bibliography (??) . The code I've been using is:

\tablecaption{\label{table1} \small table caption here}
\tablehead {Table header here}
\tabletail {\hline \emph{Continued on next page} & & &\\}

.... my long 4-column table here ...


I'm using MiKTeX.

Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.


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