[texhax] protext (miktex) distribution testing?

Albert Kapune akapune at gmx.de
Sat Oct 30 00:26:07 CEST 2004

Karl Berry schrieb am 29.10.2004 23:35 folgendes:

 > But anyway, the answer is, if you have current miktex installed and are
> happy with your setup, there is no particular reason to look at this.
> The main focus is for people who are looking to upgrade, or for a TeX to
> install the first time.  Of which there is a constant stream (happily).

I took a first look at it and can agree to your assessment of the
package. IMHO it is a very good entrance to LaTeX under Windows for
those people who want to switch from WORD and Co. and who have start-up
difficulties to understand the combination of MiKTeX/editor/Ghostscript
etc. (I often observed that behaviour in my LaTeX courses at a German
high school). This combination is very well explained in Thomas'

So I can imagine that the distribution may serve as a first step to gain
a LaTeX environment than can be extended individually later on using the
relevant options in the MiKTeX distribution or the other programs.

And I would suggest to include the JabRef bibliography manager in the

I think I'll try it out with my next course.

Just my 2 ¢.

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