[texhax] Two /- one column switch in same page

Stephane Fombonne s.fombonne at laposte.net
Thu Oct 28 21:30:57 CEST 2004

Hello all!

In order to write a two-column report, I'd like to switch to a one-column section (eg for a page-wide table), and then back to a two-column text *in the same page*.

I saw already several options :
(1) multicol package , but this is not elegant, since I need to put all my
report into the multicol environment with two columns.
(2) \one-column or \two-column commands, but this starts a new page
(3) then I could use a documentclass, like the APS Revtex in two columns and
use the \textwide environnment for my figure, but I'd prefer using the
standard Latex documentclasses (report, article) which appear on any

Any more suggestion that would fit my need are very much welcome !

thanks for your help...


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