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Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Fri Oct 22 02:41:17 CEST 2004


> > I have problems using nar style (Nucleic Acids Research) 
> > with my WinEdt and MikTex. When I compile I got errors 
> > like
> > 
> > "<C:\texmf\tex\latex\base\size12.clo>><art10.sty
> > !Undefined control sequence, 1.46 \intextsep 12pt plus 2 
> > pt minus 2 pt \@maxsep 20 pt \dblfoatsep 12 pt plus..."
> > 
> > Can any body tell me why and how to use nar style?

> nar.sty is a snare and a delusion -- it's written for latex 2.09 (it's
> actually 16 years old), and as far as i can tell it does nothing for
> you that current latex article.cls doesn't do.
> nar.bst i've not looked at.
> (i'll move nar.sty to the obsolete/ tree tomorrow morning -- can't do
> it now -- my wife's already in bed...)

Hmm.  The nar.sty that he is talking about is the one I built and use
(successfully and I just tested it today!):

and then

I suspect this is not the same file as the one you are looking at.

AH!  But I see that there is a new style:


that one can get from that page:


While this does not explain Shibin's original problem (I could not
reproduce it, see http://www.lecb.ncifcrf.gov/~toms/bugs.html), it
does give a version more in tune with Nucleic Acids Research.  NAR
might have one of their own by now, but I haven't looked.


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