[texhax] gv maintainer volunteer?

Brett McCoy bmccoy at chapelperilous.net
Thu Oct 21 17:47:03 CEST 2004

Karl Berry wrote:

> The previous volunteer (Brett McCoy) for maintaining GV, the
> PostScript/PDF previewer based on Ghostscript originally written by
> Johannes Plass, hasn't had time to work on it for a year now, and has
> said he'd be happy to hand it over.  (Ditto Johannes himself.)
> So, would anyone here be interested in taking that job on?  It would be
> nice to have it maintained again.
> For starters, just making a new release with updated documentation and
> framework files would be helpful, since it's been so many years.  I also
> have a list of assorted bugs and wishlist items.
> Brett set up a project for it at sourceforge (essentially empty).  It
> could kept there, or moved to savannah.gnu.org, sarovar.org, whatever.
> In the previous round, GV was dubbed a GNU project.  If you'd like to
> volunteer to work on gv, but find that problematic, we can undub it.

We may still have a minor issue with GPL compatibility... there were 
some widgets, if I recall, that were covered under the X license, but 
the X license has changed since rms dubbed the project a GNU project and 
the widgets in question may no longer be compatible with the GPL.

-- Brett

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