[texhax] documentation of MusicTex instead MusixTeX, email to author of MusiXTeX does n't work

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Oct 19 15:24:43 CEST 2004

> Hello=20
> I am reading documentation of MusiXTeX, but many problems are
> described in the way good for someone who knows the program.
> I need instruction step by step, now I must check everything and=20
> think many hours to discover something.
> Email given in musixdoc.pdf doesn't work and I can't contact
>  with author.
> Do you have his new e-mail?
> Ftp also is unactual.

he retired from work, so his ftp site ceased.

he's now dead, so email isn't any use.

> i need instruction from MusicTex - maybe there is better=20
> description.
> End examples in folder examples also doesn't work, I can't LaTeX=20
> them.=20

musictex (and after it musixtex) are pretty tricky beasts.  there's
musictex documentation to be had in the distribution, which you can
get from ctan macros/musictex, or from the icking archive.

i'm a musician who does a fair bit of tex/latex.  i've written out one
score using musictex (a *long* time ago -- musictex is now obsolete),
and have no intention of doing that again.  most people write musixtex
using the pmx preprocessor, nowadays.

in fact, i would recommend going the lilypond route, as karl
suggested.  i now use my wife's copy of sibelius (she's a
professional, and can ease the cost of such things by declaring it as
a business expense).


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