[texhax] automatically broken tables

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Sun Oct 17 23:57:39 CEST 2004

Karl Berry :

> Suppose I have a reasonably long list, and I want the contents typeset
> in N columns of equal width.  And, here's the kicker, I don't want to
> have to specify the end-of-rows myself.  Does LaTeX have a package for
> this?
> For example, using a hypothetical autotable environment:
> \begin[3]{autotable}
> entry1  \somecommand
> entry2  \somecommand
> entry3  \somecommand
> entry4  \somecommand
> entry5  \somecommand
> \end{autotable}
> would output something like:
> entry1        entry2        entry3
> entry4        entry5
> I don't care what \somecommand is, \> or \\ or \foobar or whatever.  The
> point is that it's the same command on each line.
> This idea eases maintaining changeable lists, since you don't have to
> manually update the intercolumn/interrow commands when the list changes.
> Paul Abrahams and I wrote a variant of such a thing for Eplain
> (\makecolumns), but I haven't been able to find an equivalent for LaTeX
> despite much searching, online and otherwise.  (The Eplain code would be
> difficult to cast into a LaTeX context.)  I feel sure it's out there,
> though.
> Help?
> Thanks,
> karl

I don't know if this fits but the memoir class has a \autorows macro, 
though it just typesets a list of entries.

See the memoir manual page 170.



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