[texhax] For what it's worth

Robert Peltier macconsultants1 at mac.com
Fri Oct 15 18:56:50 CEST 2004

Just some notes from a newbie.

Background: Downloaded LyX which had me download and install 
i-installer, which brought me to Gerben's i-Directory at TUG through 
its interface.

After selecting an i-Package name then selecting "Show i-Package 
window" I have noticed something very confusing. All your descriptions 
reveal what a package is, but nothing describes what it does.

Example: "This is Gerben Wierda's binary distribution of Fondu for Mac 
OS X. It has been created by downloading fondu from sourceforge and 
compiling and installing it with make."

My question: What is Fondu and what does it do? Create melted cheese? 
The above quote essentially says that Fondu is Fondu. That's like 
saying a GE2250 is a GE2250. You don't know what a GE2250 is? Too bad! 
Without a clue as to what this and the other applications do, I am 
extremely hesitant to download and install it to my machine. You might 
say "Go to Sourceforge and find out," to which I would reply "Why!" You 
already know the answer, why not tell us? Isn't the sharing of 
information the purpose of an info window -- and the education 
community? A one line paragraph saying, "Fondu is a small application 
designed to melt your font files into useless gibberish," would allow 
me to decide whether the package was something I needed and was worth 
the effort of the download and install.

I understand that you and yours have put a lot of effort into creating 
this gorgeous and excellent interface. I'm just asking for a little 
thought and consideration for the people who are new to the use of your 
software, who are willing to learn and to experiment, but are not 
willing to fill up their multi-thousand dollar machine with unneeded 

Just looking out for the average consumer...

Robert ÔGunnerÕ Peltier
ð Consultants Network
ð Authorized Business Agent

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