[texhax] (no subject)

Chris Bourke cbourke at cse.unl.edu
Thu Nov 18 14:33:44 CET 2004

I'm attempting to write my first latex package and I want to redefine some
commands that are built in to tex.  For this package they will not be
missed; never the less, I'm still saving the default commands so that
users will be able to access them.  For example, the \S command (a little
curly notation) has been redefined as follows:

\let\defaultS\S   %save the \S command in \defaultS
\renewcommand{\S}{\mathsf{S}} %renew \S to what I want

which works fine, EXCEPT for two instances and I don't know why; I have
the following




but neither redefinition works; the use of \defaultL works, but the
renewal of the command itself does not; I still get the default typeset of
these two characters, \L and \OE

What am I doing wrong?


Chris Bourke
cbourke at cse.unl.edu

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