[texhax] book documentstyle, and pstricks

Zbigniew Nitecki zbigniew.nitecki at tufts.edu
Fri Nov 12 19:24:33 CET 2004

I have two unrelated questions.

1. In the book documentstyle, is there a macro for creating a preface 
or other front matter
that precedes the table of contents, and perhaps appears on pages with 
lowercase roman
numeration?  I found in the TeX Companion a reference (in the Babel 
section) to \prefacename, but my version of LaTeX (downloaded recently 
in connection with TeXShop) doesn't recognize a "preface" environment.

2. Is there more detailed documentation than in the TeX Graphics 
Companion on producing letters in pstricks
like the "LATEX" one on p. 112?  I want to generate a title on the 
title page of a book in the kind of very large letters that appear in 
that example.  When I attempted to mimic the code given there, I got 
letters only slightly larger than those using \Huge inside the title, 
(1) if included in the title (as a pspicture, centered) it put all of 
the rest of the material below the middle of the page, while if I put 
it outside the title, then I got my letters at the top of the page and 
the rest of the stuff off the page.

Thanks for any help.

Zbigniew Nitecki
Department of Mathematics
Tufts University

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