[texhax] Recommended litterature on TeX and LaTeX

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Nov 12 09:46:00 CET 2004

Stefan Björk :

> I was about to buy Knuth's "The TeXbook" and Lamports "LaTeX: A Document 
> Preparation System", when I realized those book were quite expensive. 
> This does not mean that I will not buy them, but I'd like to ask how the 
> other books mentioned in the FAQ compare to the "original" TeX and LaTeX 
> works? I have glanced in both books at the local library, so I have a 
> vague idea of their styles and contents.
> I'm a (below?) average LaTeX user, with some basic knowledge about TeX, 
> so I do not look for the "TeX for Dummies" kind of book.
> Stefan

Then buy The LaTeX Companion, 2. edition. If you're using LaTeX and not 
that experinced, you don't need to learn about TeX at this momemnt.

Lamports book is from 1994 and much has happened since (more packages).

Therefore I would say that TLC2 is the best buy at the moment.



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