[texhax] Strange TeX questions about line breaks

mate at sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu mate at sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu
Thu Jan 22 01:14:03 CET 2004

Dear Sir/Madam:           Wed Jan 21 07:02:36 PM EST 2004
   I am a member of TUG. I have not found an answer to the
following question in the TeXbook or elsewhere:

      Is there a way to set up TeX in such a way as to make
      it break a line anywhere, even inside words, when it
      reaches the end of the line? The practical significance
      of this question is when one types a long URL such as
      one wants to break the line exactly when one runs out
      of space in the line. Normally, I would use the \tt font
      to type such a URL, but I prefer not to have to set
      the line breaks manually, so that the solution
      would work even if I change \hsize later. I would
      be interested in a solution for TeX or AmSTeX, and
      less so for LaTeX (which I do not use at this point).

                     Sincerely yours,

                     Attila Mate
                     mate at sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu

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