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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
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Hi Michael,

On 28/01/2004, at 6:49 AM, Michael Barr wrote:

> I have been asked to help out a group of editors who are attempting to 
> put
> together a festschrift and are running into problems because various
> things in the paper clash with each other.  Some of the problems are 
> easy
> to solve.  An error message that \newtheorem{lem}{Lemma} is multiply
> defined can be fixed by either deleting it or simply preceding it with
> \let\lem\relax.

Yes, this does no harm, as the definition is just repeated
  --- unless there is a counter-dependancy with one definition,
but not another.

>  Much more serious are multiply defined labels and bib
> entries.  Have these problems been solved?  I did search ctan for
> "collections", but found nothing helpful.

This is a lot harder, since with a multi-author document
and lots of \include'd files (one for each paper, say),
the .aux files are all read at the same grouping level.
This is where the labels are first encountered.

A technique that I have used is to assign a 'unique prefix'
automatically for each paper, which will work with
  \cite  \bibitem  \label  \ref  etc.  commands.

e.g. conceptually these macros need to be changed so that
  gets interpreted like
            \label{\chapterPrefix <label>}
and similarly in the other cases.

Of course you need to change the expansion of \chapterPrefix for
each chapter/paper  and ensure that it has been fully expanded
when the entry is written to the appropriate  .aux  file.

Programming this is not too hard, requiring only limited use
of some LaTeX internals.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

> Michael Barr
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