[texhax] Footnote problem

Aditya Mahajan aditya.mahajan at alumni.iitk.ac.in
Sun Jan 25 22:33:08 CET 2004

On Sun, 25 Jan 2004, Chakrit Nimmanant wrote:

> Hi,
>     My new book's edition has an average of five
> footnotes per page, so I has a problem like one
> footnote reference is on page 84 but its footnote text
> is on the bottom of page 85.
>     It would be very appreciated if you could please
> suggest me how to fix such problem of footnote. I've
> tried to search for some footnote packages to fix this
> problem but none is the right to my problem, so If
> there is no packages to correct this problem, could
> you please suggest me how to correct it by myself?

 If all your pages have 4-5 footnotes then you should can either increase
the footer area of all the pages using geometry package, or you can
consider changing your footnotes to endnotes so that they are at the end
of the chapter. I think that there is a package 'endnotes' that does it,
but I have never tried it.

Aditya Mahajan

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