[texhax] Lemmas and Theorems

Robert Sherry rsherry8 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 24 03:57:58 CET 2004

   I am in the process of writing a paper, which I hope I can publish. In
this paper, I have Lemmas and proofs. I understand that LaTeX has the
command which is suppose to make my life easy. However, I am badly confused
on how it works. Here are my questions?
     1) Should I be using it at all?
     2) Should I be using it in the document are in the preamble?
     3) I want to include proofs of my Lemmas. Can this command handle

I want to thank the group for its previous responds to my questions. I think
this group has been very helpful and  there are a lot of fine people here.

                            Robert Sherry

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